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Doctor, What’s On?

So, Dr James Watson has opened up the racial equality debate again, the same debate initiated by Hans Eysenk back in the early 1970s. Briefly, he has expressed a desire to investigate possible differences between the degree of intelligence between various ethnic groups among human beings. Perhaps prematurely, he has stated that there appears to be evidence that may suggest Negroes exhibit less intelligence than Caucasians. In the Eysenk report of 3 decades earlier, there was also a suggestion that Orientals were more intelligent than Caucasians. I remind readers of this in order to divert from the debate the implication that there is any ‘white supremacist’ agenda behind these statements. Dr Watson acknowledged the problem of poverty in Africa and stated a desire to address this by any means possible, including research into the possibility that black people may be less intelligent.

Note: my summary is brief and an opinion on either Eysenk or Watson should not be derived purely from this paragraph alone. Read the article by Dr Watson in The Independent first. Political correctness must never be allowed to dictate the boundaries of public debate or scientific research. This is what happened in soviet Russia and it is one of main reasons why China has yet to enter the 21st century. The concept of political correctness is a purely Marxist invention – which is ironic since I wonder if Karl Marx himself would sanction what is being propagated in his name – and we all know now where Marxism leads: Stalin, Pol Pot and millions of murdered Armenians.

Typically – perhaps inevitably – all the same tired old apologists from the holocaust industry have crawled out of the gutter to tell us what we can and cannot say in a public forum. This should come as no surprise: most jewish supremacists live in Old Testament times anyway so it is perfectly understandable they should seek to inhibit scientific progress at any cost. You don’t have to be a leading, eminent scientist to incur the wrath of these hysterical bigots – when UNIT released their album Rock In Opposition: Phase 1 back in 2006, it contained the track Free Palestine, the text of which revealed the blatant similarities between the current regime in operation in Palestine and the gross brutality of the apartheid system in South Africa. In the Resonance website forum, Achoi asked why various people refused to answer his e-mails (a situation that was later revealed to be largely imaginary as it happens) and 2 individuals ventured the reason to be because of our alleged hostility towards Jewish people. Even Achoi, with his professed limited political knowledge, was able to show the absurdity of such critics who revealed themselves to be nothing more than members of the tedious.

However, I mention all the above because it is purveyors of the holocaust industry who were the first to leap into the issue with the hysterical fervour so typical of their kind. The trouble is, debate of this nature suffers from a disability almost before it has begun: the history of holocausts (Armenians and Jews) which used pseudo-scientific research as a justification, of apartheid in South Africa and Palestine, of the gruesome 400 years of slavery and racism perpetrated primarily by white Europeans against black Africans. This historical perspective must not be allowed to inhibit genuine scientific research but it must also never be ignored – the world does not need another Mengeler, after all. It is unfortunate that people who defend the right of scientific research into differences between racial groups are often also members of groups like the British National Party, Front Nationale and the Ku Klux Klan. Such people must have been rather irritated and very disappointed when evidence was alleged which revealed Orientals and Asians to possess greater intelligence than white Caucasians. However, not everyone who seeks further research into this area is a raving Nazi – far from it.

I suspect that if I was a black African (or a black American or Briton, for that matter), my response to the article by Dr Watson would be something like ‘oh no, not again – one day they’ll leave us alone’. I might feel that since people like me had been enslaved for 400 years, subjected to physical and social abuse in America and Britain throughout most of the 20th century, that the last thing I needed was some white middle class scientist to then suggest that maybe part of the reason Africa suffers such poverty is because we’re less intelligent than our white slave masters. The poverty rampant in Africa could not be a result of the legacy of colonialism and the acquisition of debt relief programmes by American millionaires, could it? You see, to suggest that African nations suffer intense poverty because black people might be less intelligent than other races is rather too close to blaming the victims which means, by implication, that the genuine perpetrators of poverty in third world countries – capitalists in the form of multinational corporations – are allowed a possible escape route from the ire, retribution and courts of justice in which these people should appear.

I could ask this question: suppose it could be proved that black people were ‘less intelligent’ than other races? So what? Would that automatically mean they deserved less respect and less rights than the rest of humanity? Hardly! However, the major problem here is located within the question itself. What is intelligence? By what criteria do we calibrate our comprehension of intelligence? Is intelligence the ability to learn and repeat facts about certain chosen subjects in a school curriculum? If so then parrots and minah birds are intelligent since the acquisition of key phrases poses no problem for them. Perhaps it is an ability to understand these facts that reveals intelligence. I would go further and posit that it is an ability to acquire knowledge and then know how and when to apply that knowledge to situations we encounter in life which reveals a more accurate appraisal of intelligence. If we can agree on this then we are surely confronted with a problem should we attempt to support the Eysenk and Watson claims.

This is best summarised in a remark Achoi made to me back in 2003: ‘white people know how to make the best bombs.’ Achoi was always pithy. Indeed, it is my race that has given the world nuclear, chemical and biological warfare (with assistance from Chinese scientists here and there). Is that really so clever? Is the ability to obliterate all life on the planet really a sign of intelligence?

Lest anyone should mistake me for some creeping guilt ridden white liberal (well, it’s possible, some folks are remarkably dim witted), let me remind you what my race – the white race – has also contributed to the world: harmony, fugue and counterpoint in music; perspective in painting; the modern form of the novel; dramatic plays; opera (although admittedly this should be listed alongside biological warfare); the discovery and use x-rays; the telescope; the microscope; calculus in mathematics and so on and so forth. In my room is a giant flag, a black background with prominent bold white letters which read White Pride World Wide. Unfortunately the effect is somewhat marred by the little tag at the bottom left hand corner which reads ‘made in Taiwan’.

All the same, I am justifiably proud of the contribution made by the white race to the artistic and scientific knowledge of the world. The trouble begins when other people agree with me – because many of these people happen to belong to groups like the British National Party, Marie Le Penn’s Front Nationale and Jorg Heider’s mob over in Austria. It is possible to be a patriot and proud of your race without being a fascist or a national socialist. However, what does such a statement actually imply?

In a world of international communications via the internet and world wide web combined with mass migrations from country to country, is patriotism and racial pride still relevant? In my composition Roads Bridges Space (issued on Rock In Opposition: Phase 3) I wrote ‘You cannot take national pride into space’. Imagine a manned space probe sent from Earth reaches the outer rim of the solar system, perhaps as far as the Oort Cloud. Contact is made with an incoming alien craft sent from Proxima Centauri to investigate the source of all those radio signals that originate from some planet in the Sol system. Do the astronauts introduce themselves as a Russian, a Chinese and an American or do they greet the aliens as representatives of Earth?

Andy Martin – November 2007.



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