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   Do you have any friends? Do you possess any respect for any other human beings other than yourself? Do you love animals of any kind? (I mean, most people become wretched when a cuddly baby seal is clubbed to death but those same frightfully sensitive souls will usually giggle inanely or at least breathe a sigh of relief when some reject from Heart Of Darkness stamps on a scorpion.) Do you believe child-birth to be a natural human right? If you answered ‘yes’ to all or, in fact, any of the first 3 questions then it is impossible for you to logically provide an affirmative answer to question 4. Anyone who brings babies into the world is an utter traitor to humanity, a violator of the worlds’ living creatures and is more to be despised than pitied. Couples who conspire to cause the extinction of humanity by the flagrantly selfish desire to give birth to babies should receive the death penalty - such a deterrent would be not so much a punishment as an act of kindness.

   Do you believe me to callous, brutal and unreasonable? Well, consider this. When our species reaches a certain number there will be literally no space left for any other species; put rats in a cage too small to contain their number and they begin to kill each other while the mothers start to devour their young. The breeders of the world would, given half the chance, plunge us all into a scene from Dante rather than use contraceptives or adopt children who are bereft of parents. (Actually, that is a concern for considerable disquiet for me since I have always previously assumed that children require parents in order for them to grow into mature adults but am I absolutely certain of that? Can I prove that children really need parents anyway? I shall have to address that question on a separate occasion.) These selfish scum value their virility and their displays of sexual potency over and above the grossly reduced quality of life liable to be experienced by those children who already have to grow up on our vastly over crowded spaceship.  


1)        The world population of human beings was 500,000,000 in 1700;

2)        it is now 5,000,000,000 approximately.

3)        Every 24 hours it increases by a further 150,000.

4)       If this rate of population increase is maintained, in 250 years from now there will be 400,000,000,000 naked apes to form a seething, squabbling mass on the face of the Earth. That is equivalent to 11,000 individuals for each square mile of all the available land surface area of the planet.


   The density population of a major city would occur everywhere - which raises the question: long before that horrific population figure was attained, would we no longer have sufficient available land space on which to grow enough food to support ourselves? The time to be reasonable is over. It is now time to be utterly unreasonable. After all, is that not just the attitude adopted by breeders who would, given the choice, commit our planet to a perpetual 5pm rush hour where there is nowhere to escape the clamour of the horde of human bodies as they bustle desperately into the twilight of humanity in order to die, starving, safe in the knowledge that although they and their planet are doomed, their sexual prowess and heterosickening pride remain unchallenged? (Naturally I do not intend to advocate any increase in homosexual activities but if people really must exercise their sexual organs then so be it. Mass sterilisation is another quick and clean answer of course - it is far from cheap but nowhere near as expensive as allowing the entire planet to be subsumed under a heaving mass of half-starved humanity.) There are alternatives.


1)        Couples who have babies must be liable to immediate public execution.

2)        Concerned citizens armies called Life Squads must patrol our cities to ensure this regime is conducted quickly and with complete, clinical efficiency.

3)        Breeders must be rooted out, hunted down and exterminated in the name of public decency.

4)        Life Squads must be granted absolute power to reduce the human population to pre-1900 levels before the year 2050.  


   The flag of the Life Squads will be a butchered heterosexual couple caught in flagrento, real Tristan & Isolde stuff but then I’m just an old romantic at heart. The breeder bashers will be public heroes. Remember: the Earth does not belong to us - we belong to it.  


Andy Martin © 2002.




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