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Excerpt from the Rock In Opposition A5 booklet (2)


   What do the words ‘liberty’ and ‘justice’ really mean? They are loaded terms which can possess different meanings that depend upon who is speaking at the time. It could be said that a small and rather nasty elite clique of people have deliberately taken control of and charge over the large majority of ordinary people. Let us refer to this elite by the generic term Control. So Control has decided, without consulting this majority over whom they have claimed proprietorial ownership, that they alone possess a monopoly over language which allows them to venditate with ostentatious conceit precisely what words such as ‘liberty’ and ‘justice’ really mean. Our means of communication become constricted into ever more narrow and distorted definitions: we speak not only the words but also the definitions of Control. This why Control has always been so antagonistic toward, for example, gangsta rap and hip hop. Why? Because a group of people – worse, a group of black people – seek to redefine language and invent their own dialect with terms and meanings which are not understood by most agents of Control. It is a dialect of autonomy and is thus dangerous to power seekers and war mongers in the white western world.


   The most difficult aspect of human behaviour for this elite to control is sexuality. In order for the control process to function, every area of ordinary peoples’ lives must fall under the jurisdiction of Control. Through the abuse of propaganda to the public (newspapers, radio, television and advertising) the usurpers have decided they will dictate to the rest of us the edicts of a morality based not upon concepts of virtue and honour but upon the perpetuation of the elites’ own position of stolen power and unearned privilege. As a result, the evolution of humanity is threatened with stagnation. The development from Earth to Space is arrested by a neoteny imposed upon us by agents of Control. Remember the SMILE equation (because it is more important than any mere algebra you will ever have learned in school): Space Migration plus Intelligence (squared) equals Life Extension. Control seeks to prevent the attainment of this proposition. Why?


   Answer: Control attains to a complete negation of sexual freedom (among other freedoms) by imposing perverse and ultimately damaging moral codes upon not only any sexuality other than heterosexuality but also upon the forms and expressions heterosexual relationships may adopt. To consciously seek to enforce the sublimation of sexual freedom is to restrict the possibilities for each person and therefore limit the development of all personality facets within each individual. (Each individual thus becomes less individual as he / she forfeits those aspects of character and personality that are proscribed by Control.) We become constricted homunculi incapable of believing ourselves able to strive to reach our true potential through identification of all our personality facets (or, if you prefer, archetypes). If we each realised our true potential then we would all become aware of the futility and obsolescence of Control (governments, religious orthodoxy, police forces, military power and so on). We would no longer require the guidance of Control and thus Control would become

redundant. Agents of Control are aware of this and so try to prevent us from reaching the next stage in our evolution, our birthright, due to their vested interest in maintaining our state of neoteny.


   Of course it is not merely sexuality that Control seeks to modify and restrict. I used sexuality only as an example. I could just as easily have used political beliefs, religious ideals, family groups or chosen educational systems. I am also aware that the previous paragraph could, with a few modifications to the terminology, be lifted from some drug addled tract of the kind found in hippy publications like Oz in the 1960s. I was too young to be even vaguely aware of what happened during that turbulent decade. However, in retrospect, I am now aware that, for all its many problems, naiveté and hypocrisy, during that time there prevailed among socially aware intellectuals (and even radical thinkers from ordinary social groups) a desire to promote revolutionary change: anything seemed possible. It is unfortunate we seem temporarily to have lost that desire.


   It has even been suggested that homosexuality exists in order to allow humanity to escape from the utterly farcical perpetuation of biologic reproduction as the only method available to us to achieve a kind of immortality. It is further posited that this apparently deviant sexuality is the safety valve bestowed upon us by nature to help prevent the over-population of spaceship Earth. I am unable to comment with authority on the veracity of such statements due to my limited knowledge of biology, which has never been one of specialist subjects.


   However, it does occur to me that the nuclear family is easier to control than free thinking, free moving individuals. It is surely no coincidence that what we recognise as the traditional family format has not only been sanctioned but also encouraged by religious fundamentalists and tyrannical hierarchies throughout the ages. The military mentality commences as soon as Big Daddy cracks junior across the head and yells His Orders Which Must Be Obeyed. It is no accident that the Lords Prayer begins: Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed by thy name.’ This phrase is thus instilled in young children from an impressionable age. Who is this Father to whom the prose refers? Children learn to project this nasty little poem upon the only other Father of whom they have any previous experience: Big Daddy himself. In fact, the whole of the Christian bible is nothing more than a hideous metaphor for the importance of obedience to authority, especially that which is manifestly patriarchal.


   The black races from Africa have allegedly been persecuted by Caucasians for 400 years. In fact there were black African slaves used by the royal courts in Egypt around 2900 BC. The Jews have been persecuted for about 3,000 years. The mass persecution of homosexuals only began in earnest with the creation of Christianity which is, beyond all doubt or possible argument, the most pernicious, hateful and barbaric of all religions…with the exception of capitalism. Any civilisation based upon religious fundamentalism is inevitably a contradiction in terms because orthodox religion and civilisation are mutually incompatible. In such societies, free thinking individuals are abused, tortured and oppressed even though it is these same people who are always directly responsible ultimately for every advance there has ever been in real civilisations. Children are denied their own sexuality. People are told not only with whom they may have sexual relations but at what age such relations may commence. In any case, sexual activity is merely a harmless and rather unimportant pastime, regardless of what form it takes. Our duty is to improve the quality of our lives and prepare ourselves for the journey into space, not just make millions of babies.


   Morality is a mythical bogle invented by Control in order to inhibit and eventually stultify the liberty of ordinary people. In schools the great Fear God is installed in innocent young minds. Children soon learn not only to act but also to think in accordance with the tenets of Control. In such a society, there will always be power politics, corruption, greed, decadence, the oppression of free thinkers, violence and poverty because if these lamentable attributes are absent then orthodox religion is unable to function.


   93% of the population of the world consists of non-caucasians. 93% of the wealth and resources of the world should therefore be in the possession of these same people. It is probable (but not definite) that the caucasian race originated from Africa about 400,000 years ago. This does not imply that the dignity, respect and inalienable rights of caucasians should be relinquished. It does imply – in fact, it demands – that the caucasian race must return to all non-caucasians of the world all the land, wealth

and resources that have been expropriated through imperialism, colonialism and basic theft. The answer to the question of the black power movement and the economic expansion of the oriental race is simple enough: find out what they want and give it to them. All the signs that mean anything suggest they were the original inhabitants of the planet anyway so who has a better right to it?


   The concept of racial superiority is a complete myth and an utter fiction. No single race is superior in all respects to another. If a group of people claim to believe in Black Power while another group promotes White Power then let them separate themselves from the rest of humanity in little self perpetuating ghettoes so they may have the dubious freedom to live out their insignificant little lives in a turgid cul-de-sac of racialism. Let them be happy and contented so long as they stay away from the rest of us. After all, it’s none of our business if they wish to relinquish their birthright, their potential and their true evolution provided they never interfere with the rest of us who have more important work to do. To live in a racial, sexual, religious or political ghetto is naïve and self destructive. Segregation negates self discovery and therefore inhibits the evolution of the panaura of each individual. We have the experience of South Africa to teach us a valuable lesson in this respect.


   There have always been members of particular races, religions and political systems who have found living in such conditions intolerable. When they have attempted to assert their own independence they have generally been ridiculed, ostracised, punished or even murdered for attempting to realise their own potential. The astronomer Giordano Bruno was tied to a wooden stake and burnt alive because his scientific statements contradicted the teachings of the Roman Catholic church. Galileo Galilei was placed under permanent house arrest until the end of his life for precisely the same reason. It is not possible to realise ones own potential within the confines of nationalism, religious orthodoxy or political dogmatism. Marxists offer us no more freedom than the followers of Hassan I Sabbah. You must be prepared to leave behind you everything that is familiar before you are ready and able to assert your true will and take the perilous but infinitely rewarding and utterly necessary journey into space. It is not necessary to live but it is essential to travel. The vilipendent adherence to dogmatic doctrines by a pusillanimous populace addicted to racial, religious and political hysteria is one of the primary enemies of human evolution. You cannot take racial purity or national pride into space.


Andy Martin © 2005.



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